Beauties of Eden is a motivational community of like-minded Christian women who inspire each other to be a better version of themselves.
During this pandemic where there seems to be casting down, I feel empowered every Saturday morning when I plugin for an hour of refreshing through prayer, scripture reading and I gain insight and understanding from our Lead Pastor Annette who is filled with wisdom and knowledge of the word of God!

I feel encouraged vibrant and alive being a part of this positive community of women.
I am a beauty♥️

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Amma Osafo

In the less than one year I have known Pastor Annette and been a member of Beauties Of Eden, I have experienced tremendous progress and clarity in my purpose and assignment. The very mandate of this ministry, which is to remind women of their place when they were first formed in Garden of Eden is timely. Many of us women have misplaced priorities, forgotten our place, or simply aren’t aware of our identity in Christ.

My favourite thing about Beauties of Eden is the ‘Conversations in the Garden’. These conversations have become a part of my weekend. I am always impacted, blessed, and emboldened. It is my weekly reminder of the woman God made me to be, and to step boldly into that place unashamed.

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Cornelia Gyemfi

My name is Noela K. Godswill. I am a gospel music minister and worship leader. I met Pastor Annette Dei five years ago when I was battling rejection and low self-esteem. I had not realized how this affected me as a person and how I related to the world around me. Honestly speaking I was in very bad shape at the time. Through life coaching, encouragement, and bible studies, Pastor Annette walked alongside me until I was able to discover my identity in Christ and my God-given role and purpose in life.

Pastor Annette’s approach to discipleship, mentoring and life coaching is unique because she is driven and passionate about seeing the transformation in the lives of women, in my case she rose to the task of helping me confront the real underlying issues that were at the root of my feelings of rejection and low self-esteem and she walked with me every step of the way until I was able to walk in freedom.

As I discovered my identity in Christ and the many gifts God has deposited in me through the ministry of Pastor Annette, she did not dust her hands and say her work was done. This has been life coaching that has grown with me as I grew. In my case, God has used Pastor Annette in many areas of my life such as my business, my ministry, my marriage, and in my journey of motherhood.

If you want to be a woman who knows her identity in Jesus Christ if you want to be bold, courageous, and victorious in all aspects of life. Then I encourage and urge you to reach out and allow Beauties Of Eden to educate, encourage, empower and equip you through God’s word, mentoring, and life coaching to walk into your purpose and be an agent of change!

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Noela K. Godswill

Three years ago if you would have told me I would be where I am today, I wouldn’t have believed you. To paint a clear picture I was jobless, living at home with my parents, and I saw no clear path for my life. To make matters worse I had spent the majority of my savings while looking for a new job and I felt stuck and depressed. It felt like God had forgotten me. I didn’t believe that there was a place for me and that the rest of my life would probably be like this. Most of my life had been a struggle, but this was the lowest point I had ever found myself. To be honest I had given up. I spent about a year and a half in this state.

I can’t remember exactly when it happened, but one day I woke up and I realized that I had to want better for myself. I sat down and had a conversation with God. I pleaded that if he would just open one door, I would do my best to lift myself up from the place I found myself in. I was so desperate for a change that I would have taken anything he gave me with no complaints. From there the spirit led me to counseling. Once a week I would meet with Pastor Annette we would talk about the word, which helped me to know God and understand him on a deeper level. I also began therapy to deal with traumas from my past. I wanted to do everything I possibly could to make sure I never found myself so depressed again. From then on it felt like my life did a 360.

I landed a very good job, became financially stable, and even started a business. There have been so many doors that have opened for me and I know that this is just the beginning. My relationship with God saved my life and there is no doubt in my mind that God loves me. I know there will be different seasons. I know things won’t always be perfect, but one thing I know is that he will always be with me. I am so grateful for my life and where God has brought me. Every day that I wake up, it is important that I make most of my life because even waking up is a blessing in itself.

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Cardi Nyarko

I was introduced to Pastor Annette about 5 years ago by a mutual friend. The purpose of the original conversation was to provide information in regards to a person that I was dating at the time. From the very first conversation that we had, Pastor Annette was open and honest. She provided information in a non-judgmental way that allowed me to step back and look at the situation with a clearer view. Although we met for one specific purpose, God had a bigger purpose in mind. I have conversed with Pastor Annette on various issues that I have faced in life. Each time she took the issues to God in prayer and provided support as I navigated through the issues.

Pastor Annette is a woman of grace, excellence, wisdom, and integrity. She is consistent, articulate, and impactful. We have had many conversations that were filled with practical tools that once implemented have had an astounding impact on the quality of life that I live. Pastor Annette has the ability to listen to words spoken and unspoken and is led by the Holy Spirit to expose areas that need further development. My interactions with Pastor Annette have been mind-renewing and habit changing.

Pastor Annette is a woman of influence, greatness, and powerful but she is also humble and relatable. Pastor Annette graciously and freely invests in my life; my life is enhanced and forever changed.

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Authurine Singleton, MSW

If you’re looking for a group of Christian women who take care of the mind-body-spirit and soul Beauties of Eden is for you I’ve known Pastor Annette Dei for years and she has offered so much valuable mentorship so much valuable guidance and love as we are all growing and learning every day. So if you need support or maybe you’re trying to get your healthy eating in order or whether you just need accountability or you need a further understanding of God‘s word then Beauties of Eden is the group for you.

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Akua Sarhene

Beauties of Eden is a phenomenal platform that I look forward to every opportunity I get. The depth and revelation of the Bible you share every time makes me want more of the word. The people you bring to speak are wonderful, love the Lord, and have a vast knowledge of what they are talking about. I have no words to describe the Beauties of Eden ministry. I receive encouragement, education, and inspiration to keep me going and to pursue my dreams.

God’s Beautiful Woman

Khadijat Enessy

My name is Delonie Morris and I’m a Bible-believing fanatic! I wasn’t always this way but I thank God he has delivered me from my rebellious ways unto redemption and I’m declaring that I now walk in total obedience to our mighty Jehovah in the name of Jesus!
Being on the beauties of Eden has tremendously transformed my life because I’ve come to the realization that worship is not just singing or praying nor just reading the Bible but also how I take care of my temple! I was living recklessly until I got arrested by the Holy Spirit. I’ve been gleaning wisdom from many but I give God the glory for this platform! I leave every event hosted by the Beauties of Eden edified, confidence, and well informed! God has graced me with the knowledge to pass on to other women what I’ve been learning and glory to His name we are all growing in Him because no one is getting left behind!

On that same Euphoria, I’m also the mother of 4 beautiful children whom God has graced me to raise and commit back to Him!
On Saturday, December 5th, 2020, we had the opportunity to attend a master’s class that was hosted by Pastor Annette Dei! She made mention of something so profound that would change my life for the better! She asked if I truly believe that God loves me? To be honest, as much as I prayed and read my Bible, I didn’t believe I was worthy of God’s love! That day my faith was highly infused and my prayer life shifted dramatically! My cousin was suffering from kidney stones and was due for emergency surgery that very next day! The same Saturday night we prayed but the anointing was different, and at approximately 3 pm the Sunday afternoon, my cousin passed out a huge kidney stone! We were all so overwhelmed that we cried but couldn’t do anything else than to give God the glory He so truly deserves!

I’m just writing this testimonial to encourage you to completely surrender to the one who provides your needs before it even arises! Prayer and praise along with faith conduce an atmosphere for miracles to happen!!

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Delonie Morris

Beauties of Eden is a great source for empowering women of all ages and walks of life. It is based on Godly and biblically sound principles. Pastor Annette Dei is a woman who has been touched with an amazing gift of bringing out the gifts and talents in you, that you didn’t even realize you had. Her drive to help foster the positive growth of women, I believe is one of her greatest assets and I look forward to seeing this ministry grow to empower women on a global level.

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Esmaralda Ford-Crittenden

BOE is not just a community, WE are a movement! Women from all walks of life come together, to be built and strengthened in the word of God. Through the word, we are able to unearth our God-given gifts and in turn, become a blessing to our communities and beyond.

THIS IS the training ground! This platform equips women in all things pertaining to life through the teaching of the unadulterated word of God. For many years I struggled with fear and was unable to see the hidden treasure God had placed inside of me. Through the teaching and practical principles drawn from the word – I can say with confidence that I now know who I am in CHRIST. I am now whom He has called me to be and taking strides towards becoming all of who He has created me to be. I now have that pep in my step, am walking that walk, talking that talk, that language of God which is the language of love. (Still growing)
I pray we continue to build together in this community/ movement. As more people join and we grow in number, may God’s word and love that is already poured into us, overflow and be felt to the ends of the earth.

Many are Called,

…Few are Chosen.

As God’s chosen vessel, THANK YOU pastor Annette Dei for answering GOD’S call.

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Nyasha Ndlovu

Annette’s masterclasses are where to get great ideas from other like-minded women. Annette will help you through prayer and bible study and coaching to use your personal experiences and God-given talents to build character, strengthen your intimacy with God, and gain confidence. Annette is transparent with her personal experiences and will “push” you with love to your destiny! You often will not find this kind of teaching and care in traditional or even church-based master courses. If you are ready to learn how to walk in your destiny or go to the next level! I highly recommend joining Annette’s next masterclass or scheduling a coaching session.

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Elnora Levant